Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Development

A Global View

Several years ago this Airport's owners established an aggressive agenda to make the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport the region's premier air transportation facility. Out of that mindset was born the Airport Authority, a streamlined governmental organization with business-like values and a penchant for creative thinking. From that same mindset also came the dream of a business development area on the airport's south side dedicated to creating living-wage, aviation jobs.

Today, that dream is under construction. Not an easy task, considering the site was an imposing 30-foot high, solid mass of basalt rock on one end and a ravine on the other. To date, over 2 million cubic yards of material have been moved from the high spots to the low, leveling the area out for future aviation use. Water lines, sewer lines, and infrastructural conuits are being buried. Taxiways and aprons are on the drawing board with the objective of a cornerstone tenant in place in the fall of 2012.

The work there is far from done, but the Authority remains in motion, creating a roadmap to the future with long range master planning, partnering with the community in a compatible land-use planning, and diversifying aviation's financial base. It's a global view that will keep the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport in transition for a long time to come.

"There's no such thing as an airport not under construction and that's as it should be. Air Transportation is an evolving process and in the 21st Century, an airport that isn't in transition is an airport that's stuck in the 20th Century." -William V. McCann, Jr. -Chairman

For an in depth analysis of the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport's Construction plans please download our Master Plan document here. (Please note: This file is rather large (8mb) and is in pdf format.)